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Frederik De Wilde and Frederik Vanhoutte


SoN01R is a realtime dynamic artistic data visualisation and sonification of quantum fluctuations.

SoN01R is a new media artwork that focusses on artistic data visualisation. How can one visualise something immaterial, short lived and universal as quantum fluctuations? In classical physics (applicable to macroscopic phenomena), empty space-time is called the vacuum. The classical vacuum is utterly featureless. However, in quantum mechanics (applicable to microscopic phenomena), the vacuum is a much more complex entity. It is far from featureless and far from empty. Quantum fluctuations are the temporary appearance of energetic particles out of nothing, as allowed by the Uncertainty Principle. For example, a particle pair can pop out of the vacuum during a very short time interval, and then annihilate one another in accordance with the Uncertainty Principle.

SoN01R is using a realtime data feed from the Australian National University, Department of Quantum Science lead by Dr. Thomas Seymul. By tapping into a physical quantum source they can generate true random numbers in realtime which drive the audiovisual work.

Media Used: Quantum fluctuation data, Processing, Final Cut proX.

Frederik De Wilde (b. 1975) studies fine arts, media arts and philosophy. De Wilde works at the interstice of the art, science and technology. The conceptual crux of his artistic praxis are the notions of the inaudible, intangible, and invisible. An excellent example is the conceptualisation, and creation, of the Blackest-Black nano engineered art made in collaboration with Rice University and NASA. The project received the Ars Electronica Next Idea Award and the Best European Collaboration Award between an artist and scientist, extensively covered (e.g. Huffington post, Creators Project, TED). In 2016 De Wilde brings the Blackest-Black art to the Moon in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon, NASA, AstroRobotics and Space-X. De Wilde collaborated with the KIT micro- and collective robotics lab, is a finalist of the ZKM app art award with ‘Coremites,’ and uses often data as a source for his creations (e.g. data visualisations, sonifications).